Paper Submission


Lecturers and young researchers who took part in the 17th Kudowa Summer School are cordially invited to submit their articles to the special issue of Fusion Science and Technology (FST) journal that is dedicated to the event. The special issue editors will be Monika Kubkowska with Łukasz Syrocki.

To submit Kudowa articles, please visit and select “Kudowa Summer School 24” in the drop-down menu when a question about the specific special issues appears along the article submission process.

Instructions for authors can be found here: Papers should be submitted by the 30th of September, 2024. No paper will be accepted after the deadline.

There are no publication costs for the standard publication in the journal of Fusion Science and Technology. This is a hybrid journal, meaning it is supported by subscriptions but also by open access. Authors can choose to publish open access (i.e. anyone can read/download their article for free, without the subscription), which carries a mandatory charge of US $2,630 per paper, although this option is completely optional.